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The Khetibadiwala is on a mission to make farming a respectable profession in our society. Let's join hands to contribute for the farming community engaged in traditional as well as in hi-tech farming ...


A way to get healthy vegetables/fruits

Hydroponic growing system is one of the most efficient growing systems available on the earth.  This is a technique of growing crops, which enables the growers to grow their crop with limited knowledge and have total control on the growing process. The basic definition is "growing crops without soil is hydroponics", but the technical definition of hydroponic is "creating better micro-climate around the root zone is Hydroponics". As this is a technique of growing crops, any crops can be grown in this system provided the crop production protocol is developed. 

Soil, the buffering agent in traditional farming is missing in Hydroponics. In traditional farming, soil absorbs the shock due to the grower's mistake. Only the shock, which is beyond the capacity of soil reflects on the crops. As the buffering agent, the soil is missing in hydroponic, the grower needs to be very precise in every growing operation. A single mistake in hydroponic growing system may destroy crops completely.    

Glimpse of our journey...

AgriStartup Conclave 2022

Interaction with Shri. Om Birla, Speaker of the Lok Sabha at our 

AgriStartup Conclave 2022

Demonstrating hydroponic product benefits to Shri Kailash Choudhary, Minister of State 

AgriStartup Conclave 2022

Hydroponic Products and their benefits are quite apparent

AgriStartup Conclave 2022

Sharing knowledge on Hydroponic to the Policy Makers

Happy Lettuce Crop

Hydroponics - Success Mantras

The Khetibadiwala at SUFEX

The Khetibadiwala in Action

Fertilizer Recipe Designing 


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